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Coda Octopus Notice of GPS Era Issue for NovAtel OEMV Receivers

Date of Notice 20 June 2017

We have received notice from NovAtel that:

GPS Era Issue for OEMV

Issue Summary:

On GPS week 1959 (starting July 22nd, 2017), OEMV receivers with firmware versions 3.300-3.714 and version 3.810-3.813 will report a GPS week of 935 instead of the correct 1959. While the receivers will continue to operate, the incorrectly reported GPS week could cause some systems to have issues. The receiver software should be upgraded to the latest version (which supports the correct GPS week until March 2033) before July 2017 to avoid any potential issues.

In order to apply NovAtel’s solution, your F180® Series product would need to be returned to our facility in order that we can upgrade it.  In order to minimize the impact on you and your operation, a modified version of the F180 series firmware has been developed and should address the stated issue without the need for you to return your system.

Recommended Action:

In order to ascertain whether the F180 product is affected by this, Coda Octopus needs to receive specific information about the model of your system and the Firmware version it is running. Please contact the Coda Octopus Support department (support@codaoctopus.com), to get detailed instructions of how to get the information from your system.

If you are affected we will supply you with the modified version of the F180® firmware for installation in the field. This should address the stated issue.

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