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/Construction Monitoring System (Version 2.0) - New Release


Coda Octopus is delighted to announce the release of version 2.0 of it's unique and powerful Construction Monitoring System (CMS) software.

The CMS software delivers a comprehensive workflow management tool for use in construction projects requiring complex and repeatable placements such as breakwater construction or asset positioning. Although certified for Accropode™, Accropode™ II and Xbloc®, we can incorporate other models types on client request.

 Key features

(I) 3D model recognition tracking

The use of intuitive 3D models provides real-time guidance for asset placement throughout the construction process. The unique model tracking technology means the asset can be located and the final position and attitude recorded in the global CMS database. The tracking can be further activated on subsequent survey data allowing the master asset database to be quickly updated with any block post-placement movement – a critical aspect of breakwater applications that is challenging to observe with inertial positioning or diver only solutions.

(II) Construction workflow management

CMS provides the capability to manage, monitor and document the entire construction phase of asset placement projects.

Site design, pre-lay information and data can be loaded into CMS (full XYZ and rotations) for control, progress reporting and real-time visualization of placed assets, including those being actively placed.

The workflow process allows multiple systems to operate simultaneously on a large site plan with recorded data being merged to provide a complete summary of pre-lay, post-lay and changes in position.


Eric Peeters of Van Oord says:

“Van Oord has been using the Echoscope real-time 3D imaging sonar on various projects from 2008 onwards where single-layer artificial armour units (ACCROPODE™ & ACCROPODE™ II) need to be placed. During placement, the Echoscope 3D imaging sonar provides real-time guidance to the crane operator. The Echoscope has contributed to an increased production efficiency whilst improving safety.

Over the last year Van Oord has taken part in the development of the CMS 2.0 software which provides, amongst other new features, enhanced ACCROPODE™ tracking functionality which makes it another leap forward to diver-less placement. By providing a test location in Constanta, Romania it was possible to feed the software developers instantly with new information. In addition, the new CMS 2.0 software has been used with the Coda Octopus 3D Integrated Pan and Tilt (IPT) unit.”

Van Oord operates around the world as a leading contractor for dredging, marine engineering and offshore energy projects (oil, gas and wind), offering innovative solutions to marine challenges. The company operates worldwide in more than fifty countries.

Blair Cunningham, Coda Octopus President of Technology, says “[i]n developing our CMS 2.0 software we worked closely with Van Oord who own multiple Echoscope systems. This has given us real world feedback to enhance the capabilities of the software package and, more importantly, to address challenges that our customers face in these types of operations.”

For more information about our new CMS software (Version 2) please contact sales@codaoctopus.com

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