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/Coda Octopus Significantly Enhances Underwater Survey Explorer Models+ Capabilities

We are pleased to announce the upgrade of our Models + software package which forms an optional module within our Underwater Survey Explorer platform. 

The powerful capabilities of this version enable real-time live sonar data to be supplemented by static and dynamic models to allow full visualization and management of the users’ subsea “3D workspace”. The workspace can be viewed from different perspectives, can be interactively measured in all three dimensions and have dynamic object data recorded along with the sonar data.  It also supports up to 20 independent moving models (up from the previous limit of 3), and enables Underwater Survey Explorer to generate a complete 3D environment, capturing motion and measurement between the Echoscope real-time 3D data, and static and dynamic objects in the real world scene.

This Module allows XYZ coordinates to be input for each motion model for applications such as diver tracking or multiple beacon subsea positioning tasks.  For complex scene tasks such as tracking ROV manipulator arm motion with tooling or large subsea asset placement, this Module supports full motion matrix (6 degrees of freedom) dynamic input.

The new version of Models+ software will bring enhanced efficiency and operability to subsea operations through:

  • exceptional scene awareness and the ability to make precise measurements between any objects in the scene;
  • live context awareness of complex moving scenes and objects; and
  • enhanced 3D subsea workspace management, aiding safety, improving operational control, quality control and traceability.

Furthermore, new in this release, all Models+ Motion Controller data is recorded with the ability to replay and re-render the scene for many offline benefits including quality control, documentary evidence and process improvement purposes.

In the following example scene, a combination of model inputs is represented to aid the team in managing this multi-object inspection task.

  1. The Echoscope is pole mounted on the starboard side of the pictured vessel and provides the real-time mosaic of the underwater structures. The mosaic is “frozen” in time and the LIVE real-time 3D data is superimposed on top of this display clearly showing any moving or new targets in the scene, such as divers or the ROV.
  2. Three static objects are displayed in geo-referenced coordinates to match the two circular structure supports on the right of the image (models in grey) and the main structure footer on the left (model in blue).
  3. The vessel model is displayed and animated using the real-time position and attitude data.
  4. The ROV is displayed using its real-time USBL tracking and heading sensor data
  5. Three divers are displayed in real-time 3D using USBL tracking positions, represented by yellow spheres. These models can be co-referenced when the diver enters the Echoscope field of view and both 3D Sonar data and model sensor data are displayed simultaneously.

Figure 1 - Interactive 3D Real Time display


Figure 2 - 3D Real Time display – Plan View


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