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The Diver Augmented Vision Display (DAVD) is a complete end-to-end diver management solution incorporating critically a high-resolution see-through head-up display (HUD) embedded directly inside the diving helmet. The HUD is controlled from the surface by the Dive Supervisor using the supplied 4G Underwater Survey Explorer – “Diver Edition” software suite and he is able to show real-time 3D imagery the divers environment in 1st or 3rd person perspective, regardless of the water visibility conditions facing the diver. In addition to the provision of augmented reality (AR) scene awareness, the dive supervisor is able to communicate seamlessly via real-time images, videos, technical drawing, text style messaging and step-by-step instructional sets. Effectively, the diver has complete on-demand access to all the technical data, know-how and support from the team on the surface to effect the best outcome of the mission.

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New Calendar from the Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC)

The DAVD is on the cover of the new technology transfer calendar from the FLC! You can download it here