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Critical marine infrastructure, like Ports and Harbors, require to be constantly monitored against the threat from terrorist activity. Given the large area to be covered, any solution needs to be easily deployed, used by non-technical operators, whilst providing clear and unambiguous information on the above and below waterline scene.

The Underwater Inspection System™, UIS™, is a solution that combines a number of sensors into a single integrated package to do just that. The UIS™ offers Port and Harbor owners an answer to achieving quick and clear results to assess whether any suspicious targets or IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) are present in their shipping lanes or jetty areas. 

With state-of-the-art UIS™ (Underwater Survey Explorer™) software and our unique BASELINE module, on-line comparisons can automatically be made. This results in harbor operators knowing immediately whether any new targets have been placed on the seabed since a previous inspection was conducted. 

By reducing the risk to divers and significantly increasing the speed of results, it is little wonder so many Ports and Harbors around the world are using the UIS™ as part of their everyday work tasks. 


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