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Many areas, most notably in the Gulf of Mexico, are being forced by legislation to ensure the proper Decommissioning of wellhead and general Oil and Gas related assets and debris from the seabed.  Owners of asset are acutely aware of the high cost involved in Plug and Abandonment activities within the overall field Decommissioning process.

With vessel time at a premium, subsea contractors wish to ensure that they are working the site removal process in an efficient manner. From being able to navigate the site with an ROV in zero visibility to identify the correct asset for removal, to real time monitoring the removal of sediment above a wellhead prior to Plug and Abandonment, our 3D products have played a significant role.

Our Dimension® 3D sonar with CodaOctopus® Vantage software provides a unique 4-sector real time view for an ROV pilot to navigate to a particular point in a cluttered subsea environment. With interactive 3D view, plan and forward looking perspectives the pilot can quickly get to station and be able to monitor in real time whatever activity is taking place, even in low to zero visibility conditions.

Our top level CodaOctopus® USE PRO software for the Echoscope® sonar provides a host of features that will aid removal of asset and ensure even the smallest of debris is cleared from site. From being able to augment the display with computer models of critical infrastructure to avoid (or remove), to implementing a computer-aided landing light approach to guide in cutting equipment or similar, Coda Octopus has the means to improve the Plug and Abandonment and overall Decommissioning process. 

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