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Echoscope® is the world’s highest definition real-time 3D imaging sonar.

By generating over 16,000 beams per acoustic transmission and with a frame rate of over 10 pings per second, Echoscope® sonars provide unique underwater 3D acoustic movie imagery. Viewing the subsea scene in real time using patented 3D rendering techniques allows for immediate decision making during underwater positioning projects, whilst maintaining a measurable dataset for mapping purposes. 

Used in a number of applications ranging from Port Security, IRM (Inspection, Repair and Maintenance), and cable or mattress laying through to marine construction and ROV intervention work, the Echoscope® has proved to save vessel time and increase productivity during zero visibility subsea conditions. 

Compact and portable and with the choice of either single frequency or dual frequency systems, the Echoscope can be rapidly deployed on vessels using an over-the-side pole mount or alternatively integrated onto a number of different ROVs or AUVs. 

Each Echoscope® 3D sonar is supplied with the modular CodaOctopus® Underwater Survey Explorer (USE) topside software package which can integrate the sonar to a number of auxiliary sensors like motion, heading and positioning systems. 

The combination of Echoscope® and USE software with their unique and patented capabilities is changing the mode of many subsea operations around the globe. 

The Echoscope® can be supplied in OEM form for integration with subsea vehicles to perform unique 3D inspections and surveys. Coda Octopus can supply technical integration packs and consultancy to allow the client to seamlessly integrate the Echoscope®. Several customers have already integrated the Echoscope® onto their Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) , including Lockheed Martin – for more information on their success story, click here


/Case Studies

:Multiple Echoscope Sale to SGTM/STFA Joint Venture

SGTM-STFA are currently developing a new breakwater and port in the Moroccan town of Safi on North Africa’s West Coast. The breakwater project involves the construction of a 3km breakwater using both single layer Accropode IIs and dual layer 10 cubic meter and 22 cubic meter ANTIFER blocks. 

:Successful deployment of the Echoscope on a Breakwater Construction Project

Coda Octopus reports Van Oord successfully executed the impressive ground improvement project for client Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) using the Coda Octopus real time 3D sonar, Echoscope®.

:Breakwater Construction Using Real-Time 3D Sonar

For a paper that demonstates the benefits of increased productivity and safety for deploying the Echoscope® for Accropode(TM) breakwater armouring, please click here.

For an article on break water construction in the April 2014 edition of Marine Construction magazine, please see pages 68-71 in the following link.

:Subsea Pipeline Sleeper Placement

The Echoscope® has revolutionized how pipeline sleepers are placed in the Middle East. The benefits include: huge productivity gains; 24 hour operations and increased safety for divers.To read more, please click here. For a Mandarin translation, please click here.

:Touch Down Monitoring - Cable Jointing Using Real-Time 3D Sonar

Dual Echoscopes have been used to retrieve and monitor 2 wind farm export cables. To read more, please click here.

:Scour Protection, Monitoring and Prevention

To learn more about how the Echoscope can revolutionise scour protection, monitoring and prevention, please click here.

:Shipwreck Discovery and Mapping

NOAA, in association with Hibbard Inshore, Bay Marine Services and Coda Octopus, has deployed an ROV mounted Echoscope® to discover, image and map three historically significant shipwrecks in the San Francisco Bay area.  Images of the SS City of Rio de Janeiro are the first obtained since the vessel sank over 110 years ago. Additionally, the SS City of Chester and the MV Fernstream were mapped in detail and yielded further information about how these vessels sank and what has happened to them since their loss.  For the press release on this very interesting project, please click here.

 /White Papers

:Echoscope meets the criteria for IHO Grade Survey (S-44 Special Order)

We have conducted the necessary survey and research work to confirm that the Echoscope® has been shown to be capable of comfortably achieving bathymetric survey data that meets the various orders of IHO S-44 standard under what can be regarded as typical survey conditions, please click here to access the report.

:Improving Bridge Inspection, Scour Monitoring and Infrastructure Management using the Echoscope®

Preserving  the  infrastructure,  roads  and  bridges  is  a  top  priority  for  Departments  of  Transportation  (DOT). "Improving Bridge Inspection, Scour Monitoring and Infrastructure Management for DOTs using the Echoscope® - A true 3D, High-Definition and Real-Time imaging tool" is written by Chris Gorman, PE M.ASCE, please click here to access the white paper.

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  • Instantaneous high definition real-time 3D sonar
  • 3D scene completely updated at 12Hz
  • Single or dual frequency sonar
  • Integrated Heading, Pitch and Roll sensor
  • Rugged sonar housing up to 3,000m depth rating