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/New Release - Version 6.6 of Underwater Survey Explorer and new DIU Module

New Release - Version 6.6 of CodaOctopus® Underwater Survey Explorer


We continue to enhance our real-time 3D software package, CodaOctopus® Underwater Survey Explorer (USE).

This release includes a number of new features along with general maintenance fixes. 

Some of our new features in this Version 6.6 are:

  • Added support for our UIS Camera in Remote DIU configurations. This allows camera data to be incorporated into a Remote DIU configuration in addition to a direct connection.
  • Added ability to toggle displaying of measurement labels.

Maintenance and upgrade improvements include enhanced compatibility with very old USE projects and Live motion strings not being applied in Replay mode by default.

General Maintenance - 3D Survey Viewer Version 6.6 and Echoscope® DIU Modules Version 2016.58

Our new release of the 3D Survey Viewer Version 6.6 and Echoscope® DIU Modules V2016.58 include general maintenance.

If you like details of the specific maintenance fixes, please contact Coda Octopus Support.

This Version 6.6 is available for download by our customers who have a valid Support (TEAM) contract for this product.

For customers who do not have a valid TEAM contract, please contact sales@codaoctopus.com

For full Release Notes please contact support@codaoctopus.com


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