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One of our valued customers Fugro Chance has released data from their recent projects. The data can be viewed on the Coda Octopus website by clicking on the links below.

Fugro Echoscope® 3D Pipeline Survey

The first clip at this link shows field data from a Fugro pipeline inspection and mapping project. This was conducted using a ROV mounted Echoscope® to visualise and map the pipeline in real-time 3D. The clip clearly shows the pipeline and the pipeline mattress protection despite the presence of a significant amount of interference including huge shoals of fish! The live data was then processed on site and 3D rendering of the X,Y,Z data provided for the end-client. 

Fugro Echoscope® 3D Water Column Survey

The second clip at this link shows field data from a Fugro well bay inspection and mapping project. The Echoscope® was mounted on a ROV to visualise and map the area in real time. During the inspection gas leaks were discovered and clearly identified on the real-time 3D data, in poor visual conditions where conventional cameras could not be relied on. The live data was processed in the field to present the client with a 3D representation of the well bay area.

Fugro Echoscope® 3D Downed Structure Survey

The final clip at this link, shows further field data from a Fugro downed structure inspection and mapping project in which the downed structure was mapped vertically to identify lift points and to understand the structure’s orientation and attitude. The Echoscope® was mounted on a ROV, in waters where the visibility did not permit visual inspection and the presence of large shoals of fish further restricted the visibility. The live real-time 3D data was then quickly processed in the field to produce a 3D PDF which showed the structure attitude, warping and XYZ coordinates of all trunnions.

If you require further information on our real-time 3D please contact sales@codaoctopus.com.

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