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/Coda Octopus 向SGTM/STFA联合公司售出多套Echoscope®

CodaOctopus非常高兴地告知大家我们向SGTM/STFA联合公司售出多套Echoscope®系统,用于他们的防波堤项目。SGTM-STFA公司目前在非洲北部西海岸的摩洛哥萨非市建设一个新的港口和防波堤。该防波堤项目包括了一个三千米的防波堤建设任务,该任务需要使用单层Accropode II扭王字块和双层10立方米及22立方米ANTIFER石块。


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/Coda Octopus는 Echoscope®를 방파제 건설 프로젝트에 성공적으로 배치

Coda Octopus는 Van Oord가 Coda Octopus의 실시간 3D 음파탐지기인 Echoscope®를 사용하여 고객인 쿠웨이트 국영석유사(Kuwait National Petroleum Company, KNPC)를 위하여 대규모 지반개량 프로젝트를 성공적으로 수행하였다고 발표하였다.


프로젝트 내용

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/Coda Octopus는 SGTM/STFA 합작투자에 Echoscope® 복수 판매

Coda Octopus는 SGTM-STFA 합작투자에 방파제 건설 프로젝트를 위한 Echoscope®를 여러 대 판매하였다고 발표하였다. SGTM-STFA는 현재 북아프리카 서쪽 해안에 있는 모로코의 사피(Safi)에 새로운 방파제와 항만을 개발하고 있다. 방파제 프로젝트에는 3 킬로미터에 달하는 방파제 건설이 포함되며, 단층의 아크로포드(Accropode)와 10 입방 미터와 22 입방 미터 ANTIFER 블록 이중 층을 모두 사용한다.

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/Coda Octopus Reports Successful Deployment of the Echoscope on a Breakwater Construction Project

Coda Octopus reports Van Oord successfully executed the impressive ground improvement project for client Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) using the Coda Octopus real time 3D sonar, Echoscope®.

Project Details

The project, which started in 2014, involved the... Read more

/Coda Octopus Reports Multiple Echoscope Sale to SGTM/STFA Joint Venture

Coda Octopus is pleased to report the sale of multiple Echoscope® units to the SGTM-STFA Joint Venture for their Breakwater Construction Projects. SGTM-STFA are currently developing a new breakwater and port in the Moroccan town of Safi on North Africa’s West Coast. The breakwater project... Read more

/Oceanology International North America 2017

Come and visit us at stand D41 at Oceanology International North America from the 14th to 16th of February at the San Diego Convention Center, California.

We will be presenting our range of real-time 3D sonars including an exciting new addition to our range, the Echoscope® XD.... Read more

/Coda Octopus Group qualified for listing on the OTCQX


Coda Octopus Group qualified for listing on the OTCQX and started trading on that exchange on 19.01.2017.

Find the News Article published by OTC Markets here, and the youtube link here.



/CodaOctopus Underwater Survey Explorer - Version 7

The latest 7th Generation release of the highly innovative Underwater Survey Explorer for our range of 3D Real-Time sonars (Echoscope®, C500 and Echoscope® XD) has been developed specifically to provide significant productivity and result processing capability.

Real-Time Measurement... Read more

/Coda Octopus Announces new XD Wide Angle Echoscope

We are delighted to announce an exciting new addition to our range of real-time 3D sonar systems. The latest development sees a wide-angle 90° x 44° 240kHz option added to the Echoscope®.

This new variant of sonar has multiple projectors and... Read more

/Survey Engine V5.4 available immediately

We are pleased to announce the release of Version 5.4 of Survey Engine® software package.

This Version 5.4 is focussed on productivity gains and as such we have introduced a number of new features which are designed to reduce interpretation and processing time. Some of the new... Read more


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